Are you looking for ways to make money with a fitness blog? Perhaps you want to generate a side-income to supplement your job. Or become a full-time fitness blogger and completely replace your salary. Whatever your goal, there are lots of ways to monetize a fitness blog and create consistent income. 

In this article – we share 15 proven ways to make money as a fitness blogger and monetize your passion for health and wellness.

We’re a specialist fitness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve helped health and fitness bloggers to grow their online businesses and increase their income, so our revenue-generating strategies are tried and tested.

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How To Make Money With a Fitness Blog

Here are some effective ways to make money blogging about health and fitness…

  1. Educational programmes
  2. Affiliate commissions
  3. Nutritional plans
  4. Website memberships
  5. Ebooks
  6. Advertising
  7. Online courses
  8. Speaking gigs
  9. Sponsored content
  10. Online coaching
  11. Leads for offline
  12. Physical products
  13. Consulting
  14. Templates
  15. Merchandise

This video outlines 10 of the most popular ways to monetize a fitness blog or you can scroll down to read about all 15 ideas…

Now let’s dive into how to monetize a fitness blog with these ideas in more detail…

1 – Educational Fitness Programmes

Educational programmes are a tried and tested way to make money fitness blogging. They involve providing structured guidance for your clients to follow. It’s about more than just workout videos – education helps your audience to understand why they need to adopt the approach you recommend and then how to do it.

Programmes walk clients through a process that enables them to improve an aspect of their health or wellness. You could sell…

  • Workout programs
  • Health coaching programs
  • Stress management programs
  • Mediation programs
  • Essential oil programs
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Other behaviour change programs

Videos and PDF guides tend to be the most popular formats but you can get creative depending on your niche.

The key to these types of programme is to give the ‘what’ away for free. Tell them what they need to do rather than charging for it.

Then sell the ‘how’ – whether that’s a step-by-step process, guide, or instructions. This can be packaged up into an online workout program that helps people achieve their health and fitness goals.

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2 – Affiliate Commissions

Earning affiliate commissions can be a fantastic way to monetise a fitness blog. You can promote products via your articles, videos, or social media, then get paid a commission if people purchase as a result.

Fitness Affiliate Programs

Sign up for an affiliate account with CJ, Awin, or Rakuten. Then browse their list of advertisers to see which would be a good fit for your audience. Or join the Amazon program to earn commission on sales via their marketplace.

Read more… about the best fitness affiliate programs for bloggers.

3 – Nutrition Plans

People LOVE meal plans. So, why not create your own and sell them as downloadable products?

Nutritional plans are hugely popular and incredibly versatile. You can create options to complement other products or programs that you sell in your business. Whatever type of diet you’re a fan of, it’s possible to create an effective meal plan or shopping list that supports it.

4 – Website Memberships

Charging for membership is a fantastic way to create a recurring revenue stream from your health or wellness blog. It enables people to access exclusive content that’s behind a paywall in return for signing up.

You’ll need to deliver consistent value to justify the on-going cost but the upside is huge. Aim to update your membership content monthly in order to deliver continual value so that people don’t cancel.

5 – Fitness Ebooks

Ebooks are usually a low-cost product that make excellent intro products. You can either publish a downloadable PDF on your website or sell Kindle versions via Amazon. Either way, they’re ideal products for getting first-time clients introduced to your methods and then upselling them to the next tier product or price point.

One easy way to create a fitness ebook is to collate several blog posts on a similar theme. Even though people can get the info for free, they’ll often pay for the convenience of having it all easily accessible in one place.

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The 50K Fitness Blog Blueprint [Waitlist]

6 – Website Advertising

Having adverts on your fitness blog can be a lucrative income stream – especially if you have lots of visitors. They’re also completely passive so once set up, there’s zero extra work involved. It’s free to sign up for Google AdSense and you don’t need to have a big following to get started.

Once you’ve hit 25,000 visitors per month, you can look at ad partners like Mediavine or AdThrive. They tend to pay higher rates and attract better quality advertisers too. This is a great hands-off approach to making money fitness blogging.

You could also approach advertisers directly and offer them banner space. This is especially effective for niche sites with a well-defined target audience. It can also be more design-friendly since the ads are only placed in selected locations instead of cluttered amongst your site’s content.

7 – Online Courses

Online courses are hugely popular and a fantastic way to help people in mass. They allow you to educate your audience in an interactive way using video presentations and practical activities. Courses also command a higher price point than ebooks or nutritional plans, which makes them excellent for boosting your fitness blogger salary.

Teach people how to do something, help them solve a problem, or master a skill. If you create a course that does one of these things, then you’re on the right track for success.

List of Ways to Make Money With a Fitness Blog

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8 – Speaking Gigs

Many fitness bloggers forget that their website can also lead to in-person work. One way this happens is through speaking gigs.

Use your blog to establish yourself as an authority on a particular topic. It may be a specific type of fitness training, wellness philosophy, or nutritional approach. As you become a recognised expert, event organizers will start to approach you with paid speaking opportunities.

9 – Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is where you get paid to write or vlog about a product or service. It could be a review-type post or an educational ‘how to use’ video. You can get paid between a few hundred and several thousand dollars depending on your audience (plus freebies!).

This is a popular way to make money fitness blogging. Start by creating a media pack that provides info about your audience and summarises your services. Then approach complementary brands about creating blog posts that promote their products or services.

You can also use your social media following and email lists to amplify the posts. If you generate tangible results for brands then it can lead to repeat work and long-term partnerships.

The 50K Fitness Blog Blueprint [Waitlist]

10 – Online Fitness Coaching

Online coaching is a classic income stream for many fitness bloggers. This is where you coach clients on a one-to-one basis via Skype or Zoom calls.

Coaching in this way means you can help clients outside of your local area and maximize your time. However, there’s a definite art to fitness coaching online so you’ll need to work extra hard at making them effective. Focus on your communication so that clients understand what you need them to do even though you aren’t there to correct their posture or form in person.

11 – Generate Leads For Offline

You can also use your fitness blog to generate leads for your offline business. Think about who your ideal clients are and then create posts aimed at them. Answer their frequently asked questions and address common concerns so that you build an army of well-targeted readers.

If you offer a specific type of training, then you might talk about the benefits for specific groups of people. Explain how it supports different training goals or solves various problems.

For more ideas… check out our article about writing fitness blog posts that attract new clients.

Make Money as a Fitness Blogger

12 – Physical Products

Some successful fitness bloggers sell their own equipment or white label supplements. This means that the products carry their branding but are manufactured by someone else.

You’ll need to be confident in a product if you’re going to attach your name to it. If the quality or effectiveness isn’t up to scratch, then your reputation can be damaged. But getting it right can lead to significant extra income for your fitness blog.

13 – Consulting Services

Why not offer consulting services on your blog too? This is where you advise on planning and strategy instead of handling the implementation (although you can do that too).

Think about how you can use your skills or knowledge to help businesses. There are plenty of fitness companies that need support with creating their marketing materials, writing workout guides, or helping their employees stay healthy. Offer your services as a consultant and you can generate a strong income stream, as well as building your personal brand.

14 – Health & Fitness Templates

Have you thought about selling templates on your health and fitness blog? They’re a quick and easy way to help people achieve their goals. Think about all of the potential options…

  • Food diaries
  • Workout calendars
  • Meal planning templates
  • Mental health journals

Templates are generally sold at low price points which makes them entry-level products (sometimes known as tripwires). If people are impressed by these, then they’re more likely to invest in higher priced products.

15 – Merchandise

OK, we know merch can be tricky but it’s also highly effective when done correctly. It usually works best if you have an established brand or use well-known catchphrases.

For fitness blogs, selling gym bags and water bottles are the easiest because they’re one-size-fits-all. Clothing may be popular but is more hassle due to sizing differences. You’ll get more returns due to items not fitting as hoped which creates extra work (and eats into your profits too).

Effective Ways To Make Money as a Fitness Blogger

So, now you know how to make money fitness blogging in 15 different ways. Using a combination of different income streams will give you the best chance of success. It diversifies your revenue so that you aren’t over-reliant on just one source.

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