Thinking up good fitness blog post ideas can take time, especially if you’re being strategic about it. Aligning topics that interest you, with ones that’ll appeal to new clients requires some planning.


Sometimes the ideas come easily, but it’s the strategy part that’s tricky. If you want to attract more members or clients, then a fitness blog is a great way to do it. But how do you pick blog topics that contribute to your business goals too?


The trick is to select your topics strategically. Think about the mindset of people who are thinking about joining a gym or hiring a PT… What kind of questions might they have? What are they interested in? How can you remove the barriers that are holding them back?


Fitness Marketing Ideas Ebook AdTo get you started, we’ve put together 10 fitness blog post ideas that will help attract new clients.


They’re designed to address issues that people first experience when thinking about joining a gym or buying PT. But they can easily be adapted for yoga studios, nutritionists, or health coaches too. So let’s get started with some client-attracting ideas…


3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Gym Or PT Studio

Encourage readers to think about why they’re joining and which services or facilities their most interested in. Identifying their ‘why’ helps motivate them to take action, whilst being enticed by your awesome offering.


What To Look For In A Gym Or Personal Trainer

List characteristics or qualities that you or your team embody. Explain how these factors help ensure goal achievement and a positive experience for the client.


Why Personal Training Is Perfect For [Insert Target Audience]

Describe the needs of your target audience, and how personal training meets them specifically. Think niche groups here, such as busy corporate execs, new mums, or sports-specific athletes.


How Personal Training Influences [Insert Desired Outcome]

Outline the link between personal training and a popular desired outcome (such as weight loss or athletic ability).


5 Common Mistakes That Beginners Make

Help newbies avoid training or diet mistakes, and position yourself as an expert, by explaining common pitfalls and how to side-step them.


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3 Questions To Ask A Personal Trainer During The Initial Consultation

Suggest questions based on your own strengths or areas that others can’t satisfy. E.g. “what kind of experience do you have in X area” or “have you ever worked with X types of client”?


Why Do We Wait Until January or Monday?

Write about the downsides of procrastination and the benefits of not putting things off. The goal of this article is to drive your audience to take immediate action by signing up or getting in contact.


How Accountability Increases Results

Outline the benefits of a support system, and how goal achievement increases when clients have someone to hold them accountable. This type of article highlights to people why they need your services, versus going it alone.


How To Eat Healthily Without Depriving Yourself

Giving people a quick win is a sure-fire way to create raving fans. Create a ‘how-to’ or ‘step-by-step-guide’ to help people overcome a common obstacle in a short amount of time.


Free Workout Or Nutrition Plan

Provide a free download in return for an email address, so that you can further develop a relationship via email. Either provide the content in article format, with an optional PDF download or gate the entire content so that people need to submit an email to access it.


Fitness Blog Post IdeasFitness Marketing Ideas Ebook Ad

So now you’re armed with 10 fitness blog post ideas that’ll help attract new clients. As with all marketing, the key is to always think about your target audience. What are their needs, fears, questions, or problems? Creating content that addresses these topics will ensure you’re seen as the go-to expert in your niche.


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