Promoting articles is something that many health and fitness bloggers neglect. It’s easy to understand why – it often takes a lot of work to craft the perfect blog post so there’s a sense of relief once it’s published. This makes it tempting to simply tick that task off the list and move on to the next one, right?


The problem with this is that it’s simply not efficient. Why spend all that time and effort writing a blog post only a few people read it? And even if you’re happy with your visitors, wouldn’t it be better to get the absolute maximum number of readers to see it?


In this article – learn how to promote your blog posts and ensure the best results from every single fitness article you write using our highly effective checklist.


Scroll down to the end if you want to jump to the checklist summary and crack on with promoting your content. Otherwise, let’s walk through the promotional steps for increasing the reach and readership of your blog.


1 – Optimise for Keywords

This is the most fundamental step. Once you’ve written your article, ensure that it includes the right keywords. This will increase your chances of showing up organically in search engine results. 


Tools like Google Adwords keyword planner and Moz can help you find relevant keywords for free. You can also simply enter the term into Google but refrain from pressing ‘enter’. It will suggest phrases that people have searched for which you can then incorporate into your content.


2 – Add Internal Links Back to the Article

Once your fitness article is published, search through your back catalogue for articles that could link to it. We do this by entering the first few words of the article title into our website’s search bar.


Once we’ve identified a few related articles, we update them with links to the new post. This makes it more likely to be found by people already on our site and also spreads about some link juice to for SEO purposes.


3 – Schedule Multiple Shares on Social

Sharing your new article once isn’t enough – people are busy and likely to miss it. We find it more effective to pre-schedule several shares of the blog post across key social media platforms (each tweaked to be slightly different from the previous). This increases the number of people who see it on social with very little extra work. 


4 – Post on Pinterest

Pinterest is more like a health and fitness search engine than a social platform, so it’s worth calling it out separately. Wellness-related content performs particularly well (as do infographics and inspirational images) so take full advantage.


Create a pin-sized image within your article and then post it on the channel. Unlike other social platforms, the post will be searchable for years to come and show up in Google results, funneling more people to your content.


5 – Post on Q&A Sites

Question and answer sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers can also be a great source of traffic. Find threads related to your article, ideally where they’ve asked a question that your content answers. Then give a comprehensive response and signpost them to your website article for more detail. 


6 – Share on Linkedin

If you target business customers, then LinkedIn is an important step. Posting B2B content here will ensure it’s seen by professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners. You could even create a Slideshare of your article to aid more click-throughs and visits.


7 – Promote via Adwords

There are some cases where it may make sense to promote your blog post using Google Adwords. If you’ve been paid by a company to create a sponsored post, then investing in ads will help you generate results. The more value you can demonstrate for your client, the more likely they are to offer repeat business and recommend your site to others.


8 – Invest in Social Ads

Likewise, if you’ve been paid to create content, then it’s worth investing in Facebook ads to boost its performance. Allocating a proportion of their fee towards advertising is something that successful fitness influencers do on a regular basis. Just be sure to follow-up with reports afterward so the results don’t go unnoticed by the client.


9 – Write a Guest Post That Links Back

We’re not going to lie, guest posting can be time-consuming. Writing a whole other article to promote your first one might sound completely unappealing. But if your website or blog is quite new, then generating links from other sites can provide a significant boost to SEO as well as visitors.


10 – Create a Promo Video

Another way to multiply the reach of your written content is to turn it into a video. Websites like Lumen5 make it easy to convert text into vid files. It’s simply a matter of copying and pasting into their software, then tweaking a few fonts and colours. Then post to your usualy social channels plus YouTube.


11 – Email to Your List

Don’t forget to let your email audience know about your latest blog post. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just tell them what it’s about and why they should read it. 


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12 – Post in Facebook Groups

There are Facebook groups that are dedicated to health and fitness blogging. Some of these (like Creative Impact) let you post your latest articles in their feed on specific days. So, if you have a small Facebook following, this is a great way to leverage bigger audiences and gain more shares. 


13 – Mention it in Blog Comments

You can also leave comments in other popular health and fitness blogs, with a link to your article. Don’t be spammy about it – you’ll need to write a genuinely engaging comment and ensure your post is relevant to the content.


Blog Promotion Checklist

So, there you have a comprehensive list of practical strategies for promoting your health and fitness articles. Here’s a quick overview that you can use as a reminder (bookmark the page for future reference).


  • Optimise for Keywords
  • Add Internal Links Back to the Article
  • Schedule Multiple Shares on Social Media
  • Post on Pinterest
  • Post on Q&A Sites
  • Share on Linkedin if B2B
  • Promote via Adwords
  • Invest in Social Ads
  • Write a Guest Post That Links Back
  • Create a Promo Video
  • Email to Your List
  • Post in Facebook Groups
  • Mention it in Blog Comments


Working your way through this blog promotion checklist will ensure that as many people as possible read your content. It’ll boost visitors and maximize productivity so that you get a better return on your blogging efforts!


How To Promote a Blog Post