Do you want to collect fitness testimonials from your gym members and personal training clients? Or perhaps you’re a satisfied customer that wants to write a great testimonial for your fitness trainer. Either way, this article will show you how…

In this article – learn how to create awesome testimonials for a gym or personal training business that drive maximum results (with examples and a downloadable template).

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Testimonials are an incredibly powerful tool for promoting and selling fitness. So, if you’re a gym or PT looking for a way to boost sales and demonstrate your results, testimonials can help.

Using a template will help you create better, more persuasive testimonials. Having an outline to build upon, means you don’t have to start from scratch (which saves you time and hassle). It also helps ensure your testimonial is precise, on-point, and most importantly… impactful.

Why Testimonials Matter

Strong client testimonials are a crucial element of your fitness marketing. They demonstrate that people get results from your products or services, and justify why they’re worth the investment.

Testimonials Stat

An impressive 20% – 50% of all purchasing decisions are driven by testimonials and word of mouth…

That’s up to half of all purchases! This means that having persuasive testimonials will make it MUCH easier to close a sale.

Download a fitness testimonial template as part of our Fitness Business Bundle

Fitness Testimonial & Elevator Pitch Templates
Fitness Testimonial & Elevator Pitch Templates

How To Write A Fitness Testimonial

Fitness and gym testimonials can take a variety of formats…

  • Quotes
  • Sound bites
  • Reviews and star ratings
  • Case studies
  • Success stories
  • Or the trusty ‘before and after’ photos

But to be really effective, they need to follow a specific structure

  1. Starting Situation – What was the client like before you started working with them?
  2. Trigger – What prompted them to join your gym or take up PT?
  3. Transformation – What did they do or change?
  4. Outcome – What was the end result?

This simple format can be used for any gym or personal trainer testimonial. By including all of these points, you’ll demonstrate how you helped your clients achieve their goals and provide proof that you can deliver for your customer. Or if you’re a PT client, then you can follow these points to write a really good testimonial for your personal trainer.

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Following this format will ensure that you create a testimonial that’s persuasive and impactful, maximising its results.

You can also use them in your promotional efforts. Having strong testimonials on your website, social media channels, or marketing materials will make it SO much easier to close sales!

Personal Trainer Testimonial Example

Here’s a personal trainer testimonial example that demonstrates this format in action…

“Before training with Jamie, I was always on a diet but didn’t seem to lose weight. It was really frustrating. After three years of struggling on my own, I decided to sign up for personal training. Jamie analysed my eating and exercise habits, then developed a workout plan that was actually fun! I now love training, eat a well-balanced diet, and am much happier with my weight.”

This sample review for a fitness trainer is excellent because it describes what the client struggled with beforehand, how the PT helped them, and what the result was.

Gym Testimonial Example

Now let’s look at an inspiring gym testimonial example…

“Before I joined Anytime Fitness, I’d always struggled with my weight and hated the idea of going to the gym. But when my doctor told me that I was my blood pressure was high, I knew that I needed to prioritise my health. The Anytime Fitness team were really welcoming, showing me exactly how to use all of the equipment. I now exercise consistently three times a week and my blood pressure is back in the health range!”

As this example shows, testimonials don’t need to involve radical transformations. In fact, small wins can often be more relatable. The important thing is that they describe people’s situations both before and after, so that the result is really clear.

More Fitness Templates & Resources

To help you develop a professional client testimonial, we’ve created this handy printable template. It’ll help you expand on the four points mentioned above so you know exactly what to include.

Fitness Testimonial & Elevator Pitch Templates

It’s available to download as part of our fitness marketing template bundle. This includes 50+ templates covering marketing strategy, social media, content marketing, and advertising to help you promote your business and generate more revenue.

Fitness Marketing Templates Hero

Fitness Marketing Templates [NEW]

50+ ready-made templates, cheat sheets, and done-for-you examples to help you promote your fitness business.

Fitness Testimonial Template For Gyms Personal Trainers

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