Do you want to gather fitness testimonials from your clients? Maybe you’re wondering how to write a fitness testimonial? Or looking for a template to make life easier? We’ll cover all of it in this article…


Using a fitness testimonial template will help you create better, more persuasive testimonials. Having an outline to build upon, means you don’t have to start from scratch (which saves you time and hassle). It also helps ensure your testimonial is precise, on-point, and most importantly… impactful.


Strong client testimonials are a crucial element of your fitness marketing. They demonstrate that people get results from your products or services, and justify why they’re worth the investment.


Testimonials StatAn impressive 20% – 50% of all purchasing decisions are driven by testimonials and word of mouth…


That’s up to half of all purchases! This means that having persuasive testimonials will make it MUCH easier to close a sale.


How To Write A Fitness Testimonial

Testimonials can take a variety of formats; quotes, sound bites, case studies, success stories, or the trusty ‘before and after’ photos. But to be effective, they need to follow a specific structure


Starting Situation ⇒ Trigger ⇒ Transformation ⇒ Outcome


Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to include in each of these sections. Our fitness testimonial template walks you through exactly what’s needed.



Fitness Testimonials – Download The Template

To help you develop a persuasive client testimonial, we’ve created this handy printable template. It’ll help you expand on the four points mentioned above so you know exactly what to include.


It’s available to download as part of our fitness marketing templates bundle. This includes marketing plans, sales scripts, and lots of other time-saving guides to help you promote your business and generate more revenue. Learn more here or buy it directly below.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create a fitness testimonial then check out our online course on How To Sell Personal Training. It includes an entire module dedicated to testimonials and reviews which will teach you…

  1. Why testimonials are such a powerful sales and marketing tool – particularly for handling objections
  2. How and when to ask clients to participate (without any awkwardness)
  3. Exactly how to structure and present a persuasive testimonial that attracts new clients


Once completed, you’ll be ready to create your own fitness testimonials that actually attract clients! Learn more about the course or enroll here.


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