Are you looking for fitness social media ideas for your gym, studio, or personal training business? Finding time to create impactful content can be tough. Between training clients, maintaining your own fitness, and juggling a homelife, things tend to get a bit hectic. But what if you could grow your online presence and attract more clients, without the long hours?


In this article – we share fitness social media ideas, tips, and shortcuts that’ll save you time whilst maximising your business results.


The key to scaling any business is to implement systems and processes. It’s the same with social media marketing for gyms, fitness businesses, and personal trainers. We’re not talking about complex flow-charts or fancy software here, just finding ways to make what you already do easily repeatable (and therefore more efficient).


So, let’s not waste any time – here are some practical ideas for managing your fitness social media account…


  1. Plan your content in advance
  2. Use weekly fitness themes
  3. Batch prep and schedule content
  4. Save time with templates
  5. Repurpose daily activities into social posts
  6. Make Feedly your friend


Now let’s dive into these fitness social media ideas, posts, and shortcuts in more detail…


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#1 – Plan Your Content In Advance

This doesn’t have to take long – you can literally sketch out your posts on the back of a receipt! Rather than trying to think up post ideas on a daily basis, brainstorm 10-20 in one go. By doing this, you can take advantage of ‘being in the zone’ and pump out more ideas in a shorter space of time.


Planning in advance ensures you’ll always have loads of ideas in your back pocket. It’ll help you say goodbye to writer’s block and stop wasting precious time agonising over what to say.


We use Trello to capture social media and blog post ideas for later, but your phone notes or good old fashioned paper are just as good. For a step-by-step guide, check out this article on how to create a content calendar.


#2 – Use Weekly Fitness Themes

We mentioned this tip in our article about how to blog consistently but it works just as well for social media too. Pick a topic for each day of the week and post about that same thing every time it comes around.


Think along the lines of Monday motivation, Tuesday tips, workout Wednesday, and so on. This approach also allows you to use fitness hashtags that are trending on that day, so you benefit from an increase in visibility.


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#3 – Batch Prep & Schedule Content

This is just like batch preparing your meals on a Sunday. It may take a small investment of 1-2 hours up front, but it’ll save you time and effort over the course of the week. Plus, it’ll help ensure you stay on track, and post high-quality content on a consistent basis.


On a small scale, this might be preparing multiple social posts every time you create a blog article. You could create a featured image, web link, caption, Pinterest graphic, tweetable quote, or any number of other snippets.


On a larger scale, you could batch prepare a month’s worth of social media posts in one go and schedule them to be posted automatically. We find Buffer and Later really helpful for this (both have free plans).


#4 – Save Time With Templates

Using social media templates is a really effective time-saving trick. You can either create your own using a design tool like Canva or opt for ready-to-post fitness content like our Social Media Kits.


Not only does this save you time and hassle, but it also helps create a consistent brand. Using the same layouts, colours, and fonts will ensure all your posts share a professional style.


#5 – Repurpose Daily Activities Into Posts

Are there things you already do, that you could repurpose for social media? Think about your daily or weekly routine – is there anything that might be able to serve a dual purpose with a little tweaking? Here are a few ways you can turn routine activities into fitness social media post ideas…


  • Workouts – whilst you’re working out, why not record a quick video for Facebook or Instagram.
    • Demo the correct technique for a specific exercise
    • A particular programming regime you follow
    • Progressions that make popular movements even more challenging
  • Nutrition – catalogue your nutrition habits throughout the day. People are always fascinated by what PTs eat so share elements of your food rituals that might inspire or educate others. It might be how you…
    • Plan your meals ahead
    • Food prep for the week
    • Select seasonal produce
    • Make a specific healthy recipe
    • Or just share beautiful photos of your meals!
  • FAQs – do you get asked questions about fitness, health, or nutrition? Next time you do, why not post the answer to social media so that your wider audience can benefit. You could even record a quick Q&A video. If one person has asked the question, chances are that there are many others who are wondering the same thing.
  • Training – you can also ask clients if they’re willing to be featured on your social account.
    • Take photos
    • Record videos
    • Get testimonials from them that you can repurpose
  • Reading – whenever you read an interesting fitness article or research paper, why not share it with your followers at the same time? It’ll help position you as an authority and educate your audience too.


#6 – Make Feedly Your Friend

Social media platforms aren’t just useful for posting your own content. They offer a huge opportunity for networking with other fitness professionals and sharing their content is an effective way to build those connections.


But instead of trawling blogs and websites for interesting articles to share, try using Feedly. You can use it to collect shareable content ideas, then review at your own convenience. Having a catalogue of quality blog posts can save you a lot of time, and build your network too.


One of the great things about their platform is that it’s totally free to use! Simply set up your account to follow your favourite blogs and websites, such as Men’s Health, Prevention, Self, or ACE. Then share to your social media profiles directly from their app or website.


Fitness Social Media Ideas

Using these ideas, tips, and shortcuts will streamline your fitness social media marketing in no time. They’ll help you post more consistently and grow your audience without hours of effort. Being smart with your time and strategic with your content will allow you to boost followers, leads, and clients with little extra effort.

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