Reading great fitness marketing books can transform your business. Whether you run a gym, health club, or personal training business, marketing is crucial for generating leads and sales.

In this article – we share 7 fitness 5 marketing books that every gym owner and personal trainer should read.

Our top picks cover branding, strategy, sales funnels, social media, automation, and more. But if you have a recommendation that we haven’t included, then feel free to suggest it via social media.

Fitness Marketing Fundamentals

Our 80-page PDF playbook covers the key elements of marketing, from strategy to social media, and advertising to email. It includes everything a fitness business needs to know to promote itself successfully.

Learn how to promote your business and generate more revenue, without hiring a professional fitness marketing agency. This playbook includes chapters on…

  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Create a Strategy
  • Target Market & Messaging
  • How To Get Leads & Sales
  • Social Media
  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Whether you run a gym, fitness studio, or personal training business, this playbook will help you generate more leads and sales. Download it today

Fitness Marketing Fundamentals [Playbook]

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If you’re feeling the squeeze on prices, then this book will show you how to attach a premium price tag to your offering. It explains which products and services will get you the highest fees, how to bring in more clients at high fees than you used to get at low fees, and why charging the market rate is THE WORST THING you can do for your business.

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How To Style Your Brand

Could your gym’s branding be a little better? Are you struggling to compete with the uber-cool boutique studio around the corner? Then this is a must-read…

This comprehensive workbook walks you through the entire branding process, helping you to attract your ideal clients and position your position with maximum effect.  From choosing the right colour palette and fonts to logo design and business cards, it explains everything you need to style your brand.

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The Business of Personal Training

The Business of Personal Training by Andrea Oh is the second of her books. The first covered topics like getting certified as a PT and the first 90 days. However, this second one is solely dedicated to marketing strategies. 

This fitness marketing book s divided into four sections; marketing 101, strategies on a budget, digital channels, and sample campaigns. The first section provides an introductory overview to marketing concepts, with the following sections going into more detail on actual strategies.

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Social Media Strategy

This book provides a simple, structured way to create engaging social media campaigns that really drive results for your gym. If you struggle with knowing which channels to focus on, how to integrate efforts across digital platforms, or with measuring results, this book will help. We love the clear road map for planning, implementing, and tracking the financial impact of social media.

Purchase the paperback, hardback, or Kindle version from Amazon. 

The One Thing

Written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, The One Thing will show you how to achieve more with less time. If you find yourself procrastinating with gym marketing activities or unsure which task to do first, it’ll help you cut to the chase. This best-selling book will show you how to approach your business strategically and get the most out of your limited time.

Buy it from Amazon, listen to it for free with Audible, or get the summary version from Blinkist.

The Sales Funnel Book

This book will help you develop a clear sales funnel that delivers consistent, high-quality leads. It teaches an ‘interest-driven’ strategy that enables you to plan, build, and implement sales funnels that automatically nurture your web visitors, subscribers, leads, and customers. Ultimately, this allows your gym business to increase membership sales and secondary revenue.

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Fitness Marketing Books & Courses

We also have a fitness marketing course for gym owners and personal trainers that includes video lessons and practical activities. If you’re someone who prefers watching and doing over reading, then our online course might be for you. Learn more here or check out other books for fitness business owners.

Fitness Marketing Fundamentals [Online Course]
Marketing Books for Gyms

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