Like most skills, selling personal training is one that can be learned and developed over time. Although the idea of sales makes some people uncomfortable, it’s something that’s essential for a successful PT business.


So in this article, we’re going to tackle a common question from personal trainers… how should I deal with objections? We’ll walk you through a highly effective technique that we teach in our How To Sell Personal Training Online Course. Plus we’ll give you a script that you can adapt and use for yourself.


Selling Personal Training & Addressing Objections

There are lots of different techniques for handling objections… Some are designed to overcome objections about price, and others are intended to persuade people who lack time.


But our absolute favourite is one that’s versatile enough to address any objection that clients come up with. And it’s called the Feel-Felt-Found method.


This approach acknowledges a client’s concern, and then uses the power of stories to provide a solution. So when someone says that the price is too high or they don’t have enough time, here’s a script that you can use…


“I understand how you feel. I’ve had other clients who felt the same way in the beginning, and were concerned about (time/price/other objection). But actually what they found was that… (insert success story)”.


This is where success stories and fitness testimonials are especially useful. You can use them to demonstrate how other people have overcome a similar situation. People find stories about others much more persuasive, so it’s a great tactic to use when selling personal training. Here’s a practical example of how you can use this technique to address objections around price:


“I understand how you feel, I’ve had other clients who felt the same way in the beginning and were concerned about the initial investment. But actually what they found was that because they were following the meal plans and training regularly, they didn’t want to undo their efforts by eating takeaways. So the money they saved on their Friday night pizza and beer sessions, more than paid for the training itself.


Sell Personal Training EbookSo, now you have an effective technique for addressing objections, that’ll help you close more sales and get more clients! If you’d like to learn more about selling PT, then check out our ebook or online course. It includes more example scripts that address objections around time, commitment, and cost.

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