We get a lot of questions about how to sell personal training… How do I get new clients? How should I approach members at the gym? What should I say if they tell me they can’t afford it?


In this article – we walk you through the 8-step process for selling personal training that we teach in our online course. 


Whether you’re a newly qualified PT, or veteran trainer, it can be the most daunting and confusing aspect of the job.


No matter how much we know about fitness training, or how good we are at motivating others, earning a salary is what will enable us to continue doing it. And to earn that salary, knowing how to selling personal training is essential.


Personal Trainer Career StatCertification courses focus on fitness, nutrition, and programming, but often neglect the business aspect. Many newly qualified PTs tell us they feel totally unprepared for the client acquisition part of the job. They know physiology and training techniques inside-out, but have no idea where to start when it comes to getting clients. It’s no wonder that 90% of personal trainers quit within their first year.


Sell Personal Training In 8 Simple Steps

The sales process is something that most PTs struggle with at some point. It can be tough to get enough clients and generate a steady income, especially in the beginning. This is a huge contributor to the high turnover of training staff in the fitness industry.


Personal training courses teach the essentials of programming, coaching, and nutrition. But most don’t cover the sales aspect in much detail.


Some may ask you to create a business plan, but that doesn’t teach you how to sell personal training. When you meet potential clients, you can’t hand them a copy of your business plan and expect them to sign up…


So we put together a course that explains exactly how to sell personal training. Here are the steps we outline in it…


  1. Transform your mindset
  2. Identify your ideal client
  3. Make your pricing persuasive
  4. Establish a client base
  5. Refine basic selling skills
  6. Learn how to approach people confidently
  7. Create effective testimonials
  8. Know how to close the sale 


This handy infographic outlining the exact sales steps that we teach in our online course… Scroll down to learn more about each stage in the process. Happy selling!




Now let’s look at each of these steps individually…


#1 – Transform your mindset

Selling doesn’t need to be daunting if you have a blueprint to follow. So, ditch the stereotypes about sleazy used car salespeople and fears around ‘not being confident enough’.


#2 – Identify your ideal client

It’s much easier to sell to people who are ideally suited to what you’re offering (and have the disposable income to pay for it too). Learn more about identifying your ideal client.


#3 – Make your pricing persuasive

Smart pricing is essential to successful selling. Get it wrong and you’ll face an uphill battle, but get it right and the entire sales process will be MUCH easier.


#4 – Establish a client base

Starting with a small client base allows you to test processes and gain experience before scaling up your PT business. Tap into your existing network, utilise social media, and then ask your circles for help to find new clients. Speak to your existing connections before spending time and money on advertising.


#5 – Refine basic selling skills

Develop the basic skills that are fundamental to selling successfully (and useful for social situations in general). Don’t just talk about features like training programs and meal plans. Emphasise the advantages and benefits like saving time and feeling more confident.


#6 – Learn how to approach people confidently

Striking up a conversation with strangers can sometimes feel daunting. But it’s a really effective way of generating new business, especially when you’re based in a gym.


#7 – Create effective testimonials

Did you know that 20-50% of all purchases are driven by testimonials and word of mouth? So if you don’t have persuasive testimonials then you’re likely missing out on a lot of revenue. Plus, they’re very effective for addressing client objections too!


#8 – Know how to close the sale 

Have a process for pitching your personal training services to clients so you always know exactly what to say. We teach a 4-step method for closing the sale that’ll maximise your customers and revenue.


How To Sell Personal Training – The Complete Course

Interested in learning about selling personal training in more depth? Then you might like our online course. In it, you’ll learn the key elements to get more clients and increase your income including…


  • Why you are cut out for selling (even if you think you aren’t)
  • The exact steps to identifying your ideal client
  • Profitable PT pricing strategies
  • How to establish a client base from zero
  • Essential selling skills for an ethical fitness professional
  • How to network and confidently approach people
  • The secrets to creating really effective testimonials
  • Practical techniques for closing the sale and handling objections


The course is broken up into 8 modules that guide you step by step through the process. Each module has bite-size video lessons, so you can watch them on your laptop or ipad, on your mobile between client sessions, or on the go.


It balances theory and practical… so every time we teach you a concept, we also explain how to apply it in your everyday work life or PT business. The course includes activities, downloadable worksheets, and scripts to help you put the theory into practice.


If you’d like to learn more, then visit the course page to see the full curriculum and watch some preview videos. We’ll see you on the inside!


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Caroline @ Wellness Creative Co

Qualified personal trainer (BSc Sports Science) & nutritionist (MSc Human Nutrition) with 15+ years of fitness & wellness marketing experience working with global brands.