Unsure how to sell personal training? In this article we’ll walk you through the entire process we teach in our online course. You’ll learn the key elements to get more clients and increase your income…


The sales process is something that most PTs struggle with at some point. It’s a depressing fact that 90% of personal trainers leave the industry within their first year. It can be tough to get enough clients and generate a steady income, especially in the beginning.


“90% of personal trainers leave the industry within their first year”


Personal training courses teach the essentials of programming, coaching, and nutrition. But most don’t cover the sales aspect in much detail. Some may ask you to create a business plan, but that doesn’t teach you how to sell personal training. When you meet potential clients, you can’t hand them a copy of your business plan and expect them to sign up…


So we’ve put together this handy infographic, outlining the exact sales steps that we teach in our online course… happy selling!




How To Sell Personal Training – The Complete Course

Interested in learning about how to sell personal training in more depth? Then you might like our online course. In it, you’ll learn…


  • Why you are cut out for selling (even if you think you aren’t)
  • The exact steps to identifying your ideal client
  • Profitable PT pricing strategies
  • How to establish a client base from zero
  • Essential selling skills for an ethical fitness professional
  • How to network and confidently approach people
  • The secrets to creating really effective testimonials
  • Practical techniques for closing the sale and handling objections


The course is broken up into 8 modules that guide you step by step through the process. Each module has bite-size video lessons, so you can watch them on your laptop or ipad, on your mobile between client sessions, or on the go.


How To Sell Personal Training AdIt balances theory and practical… so every time we teach you a concept, we also explain how to apply it in your everyday work life or PT business. The course includes activities, downloadable worksheets, and scripts to help you put the theory into practice.


If you’d like to learn more, then visit the course page to see the full curriculum and watch some preview videos. We’ll see you on the inside!