If you create online content, then you’ve probably faced blog writer’s block at some point. We all run out of ideas, lose inspiration, and have days when we just don’t feel like writing anything!


In this article – we share 5 ways to deal with blog writer’s block, including some easy and interesting ideas to write about.


#1 – Day in the life

Give your audience a sneak peek into your daily routine by filming or writing about what you typically do in a day. This format tends to be really popular with readers (especially in the health and fitness niche) and is easy to produce too.


You can focus on a specific angle like your nutrition (e.g. what meals you eat and when), healthy habits, or use the classic diary approach splitting up activities by time of day. Check out our Pilates teacher diary, Chris Heria or Chloe Ting for some great examples of this.


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#2 – Share your notes

Not feeling inspired to write a blog post from scratch? Then try sharing some existing material like notes you’ve made from some professional development activity.


Write up the key points from a useful course you took or an interesting book you read. This enables you to create content that’s valuable for your audience. It also helps you to embed your learning – the best way to learn is to teach!


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#3 – Answer an audience question

If you can’t think of something to write about, then answer a common question from your audience. It might be something you frequently get emails about or asked in social media comments. A quick scan of your inbox or social accounts can spark loads of new ideas if you’re stuck.


You can even use previous email responses you’ve sent as the basis for a post. This way you don’t have to start from scratch – just add an intro, some background context, and a call to action at the end. 


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#4 – Try a different format

If you don’t feel like writing, then why not try a different format instead? Get creative by recording a video, audio note, or making a slideshare. You might find it a lot easier to speak casually or design visually rather than putting words to paper. 


Sometimes we draw mindmaps about various business ideas and share photos of them on social media. It sometimes gives us the impetus to turn scribbles into sentences and later forms the basis of a blog post. But either way, it helps us create something useful and interesting for our audience.


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#5 – Prepare ahead when you can

Having off-days is a normal and predictable part of being an online creator. So, it pays to have a little stash of draft articles tucked away for when blog writer’s block hits. This way you take the pressure off yourself to write something when you don’t feel like it.


Make the most of those days when you do feel creative and have lots of ideas by getting them down on paper. If you can type them up as blog post drafts, then even better. Planning ahead in this way will help you ride out the bumps and stay consistent with your content publishing schedule.


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