Are you using fitness content marketing in your business? This approach has firmly established itself as an essential part of marketing strategy. In fact, 89% of B2B, and 86% of B2C companies use it in their marketing mix.


Blog articles, infographics, and social media are all popular tactics being utilised across the spectrum. From startup software companies to established FMCG manufacturers, businesses are switching up the marketing to provide more valuable content.


Fitness Marketing Ideas Ebook AdAnd yet, content marketing in the fitness industry seems to have been a bit slower to catch on… Sure, there’s the odd outlier like Anytime Fitness and Pure Barre, who are killing it on social media or with their blog. But most health and wellness brands seem to be eyeing up content marketing cautiously, unsure of the precise business benefits, or how to get started.


Interestingly though, there are several aspects of this approach that make it essential in our industry.


Benefits of Content Marketing

Let’s start with a general overview of the business benefits to gyms, fitness companies, and supplement manufacturers…


  • Traffic – Generates more traffic to your website via search engines and social shares
  • SEO – Enables you to target more keywords throughout your site, which also increases traffic
  • Lead Generation – Provides an opportunity to educate people about your services, and create demand, without being blatantly ‘salesy’
  • Speeds Up Conversion – Moves customers to make a purchasing decision more quickly
  • Email Capture – Allows you to offer bonus materials in exchange for an email address
  • Social Media – Gives you more ammunition to post on your social networks
  • Conversation – Opens up more opportunities for interactions, via comments and social shares
  • Relationships – Builds relationships with a targeted audience by creating interest and trust
  • Loyalty – Ever-changing content gives customers and prospects a reason to return
  • Brand – Increases awareness of your brand, as well as products or services
  • Credibility – Helps position you as a credible authority in your sector
  • Value – Enables you to provide additional value, and reach more people with your message


All of these aspects are hugely beneficial for your marketing campaigns. However, there are two that are vitally important for health and fitness businesses in particular…


#1. Credibility

The health and fitness industry has a bit of a mixed reputation. Faddy diets, dodgy weight loss pills, pushy sales techniques, dishonest marketing – there’s no shortage of reasons to distrust our sector. Which is hugely frustrating when you’re one of the good guys, with an offering that can genuinely help people.


Content marketing can help build and demonstrate your credibility, in a sea of dodgy competitors. Here are some ideas of how you can utilise it…


  • Why not create an infographic that explains the science behind your product in a visually interesting way?
  • Or write a series of blog posts featuring client success stories?
  • Or publish a mini guide about dispelling common myths in your sector?


There are so many ways to tell your story through content marketing, whilst positioning yourself or your brand as a credible authority.


Check out our article on how to build a fitness brand using content marketing.


#2. Loyalty

Most businesses in our industry have a high turnover of customers. This is particularly true of fitness studios and health clubs, who are constantly fighting the retention battle. People get bored, busy, or just find their wellness journey too tough and give up.


But fitness content marketing can help keep them interested, engaged, and support them with their struggles. Here are some examples of how you can leverage it…


  • Could you create an ebook that helps clients reach their goals faster?
  • Or a cheat sheet about how to overcome a common barrier?
  • Or a video demonstrating advanced techniques to help people progress further?

Fitness Marketing Ideas Ebook Ad


Fitness content marketing is an ideal way to increase retention and loyalty, yet few businesses in our industry are really doing it well. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with your clients and prospects, whilst also differentiating yourself from the competition. Dominating the content marketing landscape could be your way of getting ahead in a crowded industry.


Fitness Content Marketing Services

Are you interested in growing your fitness business through content marketing? If you need blog articles, ebooks, or white papers for your wellness business, then we can help. With over 10 years of fitness writing and marketing agency experience, we’re uniquely positioned to create B2B and B2C content that’s both authoritative and engaging. Learn more about our fitness content marketing services.


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