The IHRSA 2020 report is a key source of information for the fitness industry. It’s a fantastic resource that outlines health club statistics and is updated yearly without fail. But there’s more to the fitness market than this report reveals, so what are the gaps that businesses need to be aware of?


In this article – we explore what the IHRSA report doesn’t tell us about the fitness industry and where to source the crucial missing information.


At its heart, the IHRSA 2020 report contains three key statistics…


  1. number of health clubs
  2. number of members
  3. amount of revenue


In the introduction, you’ll also find commentary from industry leaders which includes growth and decline since the previous year. This is fantastic for both national and international companies that want to know the size of the market.


IHRSA 2020 Stats


Companies that sell to gyms such as fitness equipment suppliers find this especially useful. After all, it tells them exactly how many prospective customers they have in each country – brilliant!


But how useful is this information for gym operators themselves? Is this microdata really valuable at an individual club owner level?


Past Performance Vs Future Developments

Knowing whether the fitness industry grew or shrank since last year is useful. But knowing how it performed over the last five years or how it’s predicted to perform in the next five years is even better.


These insights can inform the future direction of a fitness business rather than simply benchmark past performance. Forward-looking data is what’s needed for strategic business planning. This brings us on to what is missing from the IHRSA 2020 report…


  1. Growth trends
  2. Retention statistics
  3. Financial information for big club operators
  4. Franchise data
  5. Stats on hotel gyms and specialist studios
  6. Predictions about the industry’s future direction
  7. Fitness trends
  8. Wearables and equipment
  9. How to tap into these new opportunities


These are key areas that neither the IHRSA report PDF nor printed hardcopy contains. But they’re also the more useful insights that gym operators need to remain competitive.


Growth trends help you predict future cash flow and whether to expand. Retention stats allow you to identify areas for improvement that can generate recurring revenue. Fitness trends enable you to tap into growth areas and ride their wave as consumer interest increases. 


Fitness Market TileIt was these gaps that lead us to create our own fitness industry market report.


We’d used the IHRSA report in previous roles but continually had to plug the gaps by conducting our own research. From speaking to peers and colleagues across the industry we knew that others were having to do the same.


So, we decided to create our own research report containing everything a business owner needed to know about the industry. Instead of spending weeks and thousands of dollars sourcing the latest gym statistics, insights, and predictions, you can download our report and access them instantly.

A Better Alternative To The IHRSA 2020 Report

This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date fitness industry research report available. It covers the topic in much more depth and includes gym industry analysis for health clubs, fitness studios, and product manufacturers too.


Unlike other reports, you get extended access to the 2023 edition, including any updates that are made as new industry data becomes available. Ideal for business planning, the report includes;


  • Gym industry revenue, growth & future predictions
  • Online & virtual fitness market developments
  • Number of gyms, members & gym membership retention statistics
  • Impact of recent global events & estimated recovery timelines
  • Growth markets, segments & audiences including Millennials
  • Latest industry trends & how to capitalise on them
  • Financial information for the largest club operators globally
  • Gym stats on the biggest & fastest growing franchises
  • Insights into the personal training & boutique segments
  • Data on fitness product, equipment & wearables markets
  • Evidence-based predictions for the future of the industry
  • 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions or hassle


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