Pinterest has gained a huge amount of traction in recent years. What started as a place to save interior design and fashion ideas has morphed into a traffic-driving machine. An increasing number of health and wellness business owners are asking whether it’s worth incorporating into their marketing efforts.


In this article – we explore whether you should use Pinterest as part of your fitness marketing mix, including the best and worst use cases.


Pinterest is more than a social media platform – it’s more like a search engine. It can drive huge volumes of traffic to your website and is particularly popular with health and wellness-minded individuals. This is why so many gym owners, freelance nutritionists, and health coaches are turning to it.


But is it really worth the time and effort?


With so many platforms to choose from, how do you know which is right for your wellness business? When resources are limited, should Pinterest be a priority? Is it going to generate a return on the time and effort invested?


The short answer is: maybe.


Pinterest is a powerful traffic-driving tool. And who doesn’t want more traffic to their website or blog?!


But it’s important to consider whether that traffic will really be useful to you. Is it high quality and well-targeted?


After all, what’s the point in getting lots of people to your Manchester gym’s website if they aren’t in the local area? They won’t sign up for a membership so is it worth the time and effort? In this case, probably not.
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When Pinterest Is & Isn’t Useful

Don’t get us wrong, there are definitely situations where Pinterest is insanely useful. A large proportion of our website visitors find us via the platform so we’re actually big fans! But that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.


Here are some situations where Pinterest is useful for health and fitness business owners…


  • Driving traffic to websites that make money online such as…
    • Fitness blogs that are monetised through adverts, sponsored content, or online programs
    • E-commerce sites that sell health and fitness products online
    • Professionals who provide online coaching or consulting such as nutritionists, health coaches, personal trainers, and yoga instructors 
  • Networking and connecting with other professionals
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Promoting visual content like health and wellness infographics
  • For beginner fitness bloggers who want to increase traffic quickly while waiting to rank organically in Google


As you can see, there are plenty of situations where Pinterest can play a valuable role in your marketing efforts. The key is to ensure that the platform will support your goals. It’s not a one size fits all solution – it’s usefulness is dependent on your business model and marketing objectives.


Here are a few situations where Pinterest isn’t so useful…


  • For bricks and mortar gyms that are targeting local residents
  • Wellness businesses or freelancers who sell in-person consultations as opposed to online offerings


Pinterest gets you traffic from all over the world. This is awesome if your business can sell to all these people. But if you run a local operation, then you’re better off putting your efforts into targeting customers that are nearby.


If you fall into the second category, then you’re better off using Facebook or Instagram to drive local leads. Include location tags in your posts so that they show up in the feeds of people nearby. Make use of the smart location targeting features that social advertising and GoogleAds offer. 


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Pinterest For Health Fitness Businesses