Sourcing high-quality supplement manufacturers for your nutritional products isn’t always easy. Not all companies are willing to make private label supplements that feature your company’s branding instead of their own. But if you’re keen to release a range of vitamins, product powders, or superfood shakes, then there are a few reputable companies that you can turn to.  

In this article – we share a list of the best private label supplement manufacturers that can help you create and launch your own nutritional products.

2024 Nutrition Industry Market Report

Why Manufacture Your Own Supplements?

Selling supplements is an excellent revenue stream for gyms and health clubs, as well as nutritionists, health coaches, personal trainers, and fitness influencers. Nutritional supplements are a growth industry, so there’s huge potential for brands and businesses.

It’s easy to find a high-quality product from traditional supplement suppliers like My Protein, Seven Seas, and Bulk Powders. But if you’re keen to create a white label product or custom formulation, then there are nutritional supplement manufacturers who can help.

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How Does It Work?

In most cases, creating private label sports supplements or dietary products is a relatively simple process. You approach a range of companies with details of the product type and quantity you need. If you’re happy with their quotes and lead times, then you commission them to manufacture which includes producing them with your branding on.

It’s important to be specific with your enquiry and realistic about your requirements. Most vitamin or protein powder manufacturers will have a ‘minimum order quantity’ (MOQ) which can range from hundreds to thousands of units. If you’re uncomfortable with the minimum requirements, keep searching for another company – don’t feel under pressure to commission more than you need.

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What Can They Produce?

A white-label supplement manufacturer can produce almost any product commonly seen in health food shops and online stores…

  • Protein powder (including soy, rice, pea, and whey protein)
  • Probiotics
  • Protein bars
  • Vitamins (including patches and gummy vitamins)
  • Collagen powder
  • Protein shakes
  • Liquid supplements and vitamins
  • Herbal supplements
  • Superfood powders
  • Organic supplements

Some can also produce custom formulations if you supply the specifications. However, this can be a complicated process and is best left to those with a food science or dietetics background

List of the Best Supplement Manufacturers

Working with supplement manufacturers in the USA and Europe can aid product quality and minimise red tape. Some vitamins and sports supplements made in other regions can be excellent but there isn’t always the same level of government oversight. Importing food-related products can also require a lot of paperwork and certifications – working with a factory in your own countries removes much of this hassle.

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Here’s a list of the top dietary supplement manufacturers that offer white-label nutrition products…

  • NutraScience Labs – provides end-to-end manufacturing services for a huge range of nutritional products.
  • Private Label Nutrition – UK-based manufacturer of private label nutrition supplements, including vitamins, protein powders, and health foods.
  • Swedish Nutra – specialises in liquid supplements like vitamins, collagen, and sports products. 
  • Makers Nutrition – manufactures a wide variety of health food and sports supplements, including newer ranges like CBD.
  • Paragon Laboratories – California-based private label vitamin and supplement manufacturers that support Amazon integration and meet Canadian health standards.
  • Vydex – offers a turnkey supplement solution from formulation to marketing for powders, shakes, and bars.
  • Bactolac – contract manufacturers of vitamins, herbal supps, powders, and effervescent tablets in the USA.
  • Pure NSM – one of the leading vitamin manufacturing companies with handy ‘quick quote’ enquiry tool on their website. 

Whether you’re looking for vitamin, health food, or protein manufacturers, this list will help you find the best one for your business needs. They offer wholesale, private label, and even custom formulation services to help you develop the right product. All of these companies are experienced gym supplement manufacturers that can create high-quality products for your customers.

2024 Nutrition Industry Market Report

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