Using the right health and wellness hashtags in your Instagram posts and TikTok videos can transform how they perform. If you’re a blogger, influencer, or coach, then it’s crucial to identify which healthy hashtags are relevant to your audience.

In this article – we share 50 of the best health and wellness hashtags for fitness bloggers, health coaches, and industry marketing professionals. 

We’re a specialist fitness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve helped gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers to successfully promote their businesses, so our social marketing strategies are tried and tested.

So, how do you know which hashtags to use and which are too competitive? Is it better to use trending health hashtags or stick with tried and tested favs?

We’ve researched the most popular hashtags for Instagram and Tiktok so that you don’t have to. This list includes the most relevant tags for each topic to maximise account engagement and help you build a loyal following. This is the approach we use with our social media marketing clients to increase reach and results.

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Healthy Lifestyle Hashtags

Here are the most popular healthy living hashtags on Instagram and TikTok that’ll help your posts get seen by more people…

#healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthylivingtips #healthylicious #healthylivingmovement #healthylivingrevolution #healthylifehappylife #healthylivingjourney #healthylifechoices #healthylivingblogger

Use these hashtags for healthy lifestyle posts and you’ll see a steady increase in engagement. They can help you Instagram Stories, classic posts, and TikToks get seen, liked, and commented on more often. You might also find our lists of fitness and yoga tags for social media helpful for this.

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Health & Wellness Hashtags

Here’s a selection of the best hashtags for health and wellness posts on Instagram and TikTok. Feel free to copy and paste them directly into your app…

#healthandwellness #wellnesswednesday #healthwellness #healthandwellnessjourney #wellnesswarrior #naturalhealthandwellness #wellnessblogger #healthandwellnessblogger #wellnesstips #healthfitnesswellness

We usually save our fav hashtags to our phones so that we can easily copy them into each post. But you can also bookmark this page if you want to refer back quickly 🙂

List of Top Wellness Hashtags

More Instagram Resources…

Mental Health Hashtags

These mental health awareness hashtags can help your posts reach more people. You can use them to tap into health awareness days or find and connect with other Instagrammers creating content on the topic…

#mentalhealthwellness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmonday #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthisimportant #mentalhealthsupport #depressionawareness #depressionisreal #anxietyrecovery #anxietyawareness

For more information on mental health or support services, visit your national government website or contact a local charity. 

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Health Coach Hashtags

Here’s a list of the most popular hashtags for health coaches that’ll help you attract qualified leads and followers to your account…

#healthcoach #healthylifestylecoach #healthcoaching #healthwellnesscoach #healthcoachlife #healthandwellnesscoach #healthcoachtips #healthandwellnesscoaching #wellnessadvocate #healthcoachweek

These Instagram health hashtags can also help you to connect with other coaches and build your professional network. With your health coach marketing strategy on point, your clients and coaching income will steadily increase.

Healthcare Hashtags

If you work in a healthcare role or post about the topic, then here are some relevant hashtags for social media…

#healthcare #healthcaretips #healthcareforall #selfcareishealthcare #nhs #nhsheroes #giveblood #publichealthmatters #nationalhealthday #nationalpublichealthweek

These lifestyle, coaching, and mental health hashtags will help you attract engaged Insta and TikTok followers. This is one of the key elements of rapid audience growth that can make your account a success. When used as part of a strategic content marketing approach, they can drive meaningful results for your business. Try out these tags and let us know how you get on!

Wellness Posts For Instagram

If you struggle to post consistently, then it’s worth producing your content in batches ahead of time. That way you’ll always have an Instagram post that’s ready to go, even if you’re super-busy.

For people who don’t have the time or aren’t graphic designers, we’ve created wellness-themed social media kits. They take all the hassle out of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter/X.

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