Effective fitness copywriting can skyrocket your customer sign-ups and revenue. An awesome sales page or website content is enough to transform complete strangers into paying clients. Writing brilliant copy is an essential part of marketing that can make a huge difference to the success of your business. So, how do you create high-converting content?

In this article – we break down how to write a persuasive fitness sales page for your business.

We’re a specialist fitness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve helped gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers to successfully promote their businesses, so our marketing strategies are tried and tested.

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Why create a sales page?

If you sell fitness products or services online, then a strong sales page is a key part of your website. Sometimes known as a ‘sales letter’, this type of page is designed to persuade web visitors to purchase. Without it, you might find that you don’t convert many visitors into paying customers.

A sales page also makes it easier to for the client to decide whether your offering is right for them. It contains all of the key info in one place, so they can make an informed decision rather than hunting around your website for features, pricing, FAQs, etc. It can help to create a better experience for the customer as well as boosting sales for your business.

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How customers decide to purchase

Whether you run a gym, offer online fitness classes, or sell gym equipment, your customers will all go through similar thought processes when deciding whether to buy. This is sometimes referred to as the purchasing journey and should work hand in glove with your sales funnel.

Below is an example of how the customer journey for personal training clients typically works…

Fitness Sales Funnel

If they’ve landed on your sales page, you can be confident that they’re somewhere in the middle of this process. They know you exist and are potentially interested in your services, but may not be quite ready to sign up. A persuasive sales page can help to move them along this final stretch and take action to purchase.

Fitness copywriting that turns visitors into customers

Here’s a quick overview of what your fitness sales page needs to cover…

  1. Enticing intro 
  2. Who your product/service is for
  3. Common customer challenges 
  4. Features, benefits, and pricing
  5. Testimonials
  6. Frequently asked questions 

Now let’s look at what each of these sections should contain so you can write your own. You can also look at our PT Course for a sales page example that follows this format.

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1 – Enticing intro 

You need to grab your audience’s attention from the start so your intro needs to be enticing. What problem can you help them solve? What’s the most appealing aspect of your offering?

Start strong so that they continue to read the rest of your page instead of clicking away. And include a ‘buy button’ here so that people who want to buy straight away have the option to do so (instead of having to scroll all the way to the bottom).

2 – Who your product/service is for

Next, explain what type of person your product or service is ideally suited to. If you have an ideal client or customer avatar, then describe that here. This will ensure that visitors immediately think ‘hey that’s me!’ and know they’re in the right place for their needs.

3 – Common customer challenges 

One way of convincing customers to purchase is by highlighting the pain of inaction. It’s commonly known as agitating the problem so that they feel more compelled to purchase (instead of putting it off for another time).

This may sound harsh like you’re rubbing salt in the wound. It can be especially poignant when selling health and fitness services since people often come with negative emotions or insecurities attached to the topic. But we think there’s a way to approach it with both sensitivity and integrity.

If you write this section with empathy in mind, then you’ll demonstrate that you really understand their problems (and not make them feel bad). In many cases, reminding them of the consequences of not taking action is actually in the interests of their health.

Here’s an example of how you could do this using your fitness sales page copy…


Maybe you:

  • Feel tired all the time and don’t have energy to do the things you love
  • Are struggling to button up your favourite jeans
  • Know what you should be doing, but can’t seem to stay motivated long-term

We’ve all faced times in our life when our health has taken a back seat. Maybe we’re busy with work, a young family, or just lack the motivation to exercise. And at some point or another, we’ve all felt the guilt of skipping that workout, inhaling the extra packet of cookies, or frustration at ourselves for not making the healthy choices that we know we should.

The truth is that lifestyle change is difficult, especially long term. It’s the reason that so many people fall into the yo-yo diet trap and fail at New Year’s resolutions.

We want to break this cycle. We want to help you build healthy habits that you can stick with long term… That’s why we developed the [insert your product or service here].

As you can see, this example emphasises the challenges faced by clients without guilt-tripping or making them feel ashamed.

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4 – Features, benefits, and pricing

Here’s where you set out your solution to the customer’s problem. It’s where you explain the features and benefits of your product or service. You should also include pricing here – it’s crucial to the purchasing decision so be open and honest about the cost. Don’t forget to include another buy button here.

5 – Testimonials

Once you’ve explained the nuts and bolts of your offer, you need to prove that it will really work. This is especially important in the fitness industry which is renowned for snake oil tactics, despite the many honest and reputable professionals who are genuine.

Including customer testimonials is a great way to do this. It demonstrates that your product or service has worked for other people. This makes the purchase less risky in the buyer’s mind, so they’re more likely to proceed.

Learn how to… write awesome fitness testimonials and client case studies.

6 – Frequently asked questions

The last section is where you address any potential objections the customer may have. Using the ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQ) format is a great way to do this. Here are some example questions that you might want to include…

  • Why is [insert product/service] different? (This allows you to spell out your unique selling points and why you’re better than the competition).
  • Why will [insert product/service] work for me when others haven’t?
  • How does [insert product/service] work?
  • How long does the [insert service] take?
  • Will I need equipment or a gym membership?
  • What do I get? A PDF, email course, forum access?
  • What if I change my mind?

Don’t be afraid to repeat info from the features and benefits section here. Most people skim-read on the web so they may not have absorbed it previously.

Reviewing the questions that you get via email or social media is another good place to start. You can also look at other successful fitness website FAQs like Girls Gone Strong for inspiration.

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So know you know how to write an awesome fitness sales page that’ll maximise customer sign-ups and revenue. By structuring your content in this way, you can turn website visitors from ‘just browsing’ to ‘sign me up now’! Tailoring the text to their purchasing journey will enable you to create a page that’s persuasive and high-converting.

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