Looking for nutrition social media content ideas that you can post to Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms? Social channels are an increasingly crowded area for nutritionists and dietitians – there’s a lot of noise online and when it comes to nutritional advice, not all of it is science-based or well-researched. So, how can you rise above the rest and attract clients to work with you?

In this article – we share nutrition social media content ideas and strategies to help dietitians and nutritionists build their online brand and secure freelance clients.

We’re a specialist wellness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve helped nutritionists, supplement companies, and health coaches to promote their businesses using social media, so our marketing strategies are tried and tested.

Let’s start with a quick overview of the most effective nutrition social media strategies…

  1. Have a consistent look
  2. Post regularly
  3. Share credible content
  4. Post practical healthy recipes
  5. Make a weekly schedule 
  6. Feature your community 
  7. Repurpose 5* reviews
  8. Follow complimentary accounts
  9. Provide insights into your brand 
  10. Tip of the week
  11. Celebrate the team behind the scenes 
  12. Run polls 
  13. Hold social media competitions

Now let’s dive into each of these ideas in a bit more detail…

Have a Consistent Look

Use consistent filters and branded templates to create a professional look. This will make your posts instantly recognisable as ‘yours’ and is crucial in developing a nutrition brand.

ONO Instagram Nutrition Brand Example
This nutrition brand uses a consistent pastel theme without being too rigid or formulaic.

Post Regularly

Consistency is one of the top challenges with social media. But platforms reward brands that post regularly by showing their content to wider audiences. Posting every few days is fine if that’s what works with other commitments, the key is to do so consistently.

Social Media Content Bundle – 400+ Fitness Posts

Share Credible Content

Demonstrate your expertise by sharing the latest government SACN reports, systematic review findings, and posts from reputable sources like the Association for Nutrition and British Dietetic Association.

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Post Practical Healthy Recipes

There’s no shortage of recipes online so it’s important yours are easy to follow if they are to inspire lifestyle change.

Nutrition Blog Post Ideas

Make a Weekly Schedule

Create a weekly social media schedule so you know what you’re sharing on each day and never forget to post. This also helps you to be more strategic with your content and align your social content with business objectives. It also allows you to take advantage of key awareness dates and leverage their popularity to boost your own awareness.

Health Fitness Days Calendar Hero
Health & Fitness Days Calendar
A calendar of health, fitness & nutrition awareness days for this year. Get access for free when you join our email list…

Feature Your Community

Celebrate follower and client achievements by sharing them online (with their permission of course). This shows the kind of results that you help people to achieve and makes clients more likely to work with you.

Repurpose 5* Reviews

Turn five-star reviews and testimonials into quotes that you can use as posts, photos, and stories. You can even just take a quick screenshot and share that if time is tight. This will build your credibility and demonstrate your expertise.

Follow Complimentary Accounts

Follow complimentary accounts on Instagram and Twitter such as smoothie bars, health food cafes, sports clubs, and nutritionists from other areas. This will help you build your network and get in front of their audiences (who are also likely to be a good fit for your services). Follow healthy eating hashtags to find and connect with these accounts.

Provide Insights Into Your Brand

What’s important to you as a nutritionist or dietitian? What are your values? What makes you different to others out there? Sharing insights like these helps people to see your personality and makes them more likely to connect with you.

Tip of the Week

Share your expertise by addressing a particular question each week. You can crowdsource these by running polls or simply asking your followers what they’d like to learn about. This establishes you as an authority on the topic.

Fitness Social Media Posts Editable Templates

Celebrate the Team Behind the Scenes

If you have a team, then share snippets about them or have a ’10 questions with…’ session. You can do this via Live Video, in a comments thread, or post as an article. It’s a great way to humanise your brand and build closer relationships with your audience.

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Run Polls

Find out what your audience is thinking so you can address FAQs, common misconceptions about nutrition, and better tailor your content to their needs.

Hold Social Media Competitions

Getting people to tag a friend in order to enter your competition. This will grow the reach and awareness of your brand. Offer prizes that will appeal specifically to your target audiences such as niche books or products (not generic vouchers).

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