Finding the best healthy food hashtags can dramatically improve the performance of Instagram posts. Tags related to nutrition, trending diets, or seasonal foods will multiply your reach and help you connect with wider audiences. So, which ones should you use in your posts? 


In this article – we’ve collated the top healthy food hashtags into one handy resource, so bookmark the page for future reference!


Whether you’re a health coach, nutritionist, dietitian, or personal trainer, these tags will boost your posts and help you gain loyal followers. We trawled Instagram to find the most relevant and effective hashtags being used by nutrition professionals, influencers, and health food bloggers right now. So, you can be sure that using these gems in your Insta captions will increase genuine likes and followers.


Here are our top picks – feel free to copy and paste them directly into your Instagram posts…


Healthy Eating Hashtags

Healthy eating means different things to different people so combine generic and specific tags. A broad ‘#healthyeating’ will give your post the widest reach while more niche clean eating or meal prep hashtags will increase relevancy.














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Healthy Food Hashtags

Tagging the ingredients or types of food you use is another effective way to increase reach and engagement. Here are the best healthy food Instagram hashtags to use in your posts and captions… 
















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Nutrition Hashtags

Eating healthy hashtags are useful for nutritionists and dieticians too. They can help you get noticed by people with special interests who might need your services. Here are a few to get you started…















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Healthy Diet Hashtags

A combination of factual and funny diet hashtags can help you convey personality while extending your reach. Start with the funny ones since the first few are most likely to be read whereas factual ones will increase your visibility no matter where they sit in the list. Think about who your post is likely to interest and go from there – vegan, low-carb, and keto hashtags all work well.














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Top Tips For Selecting Tags

It’s important to be selective with your hashtag choices. They can make or break the number of likes and followers you get. So, to maximise your post engagement, here are our top tips…


  • Go for a combination of volume and relevancy – this will ensure you reach the right people and maximise genuine engagement.
  • Use tags related to the ingredients in your food – lots of people search for health food hashtags like #avocado or #chiaseeds.
  • Think outside the box – your post may be applicable to a wider audience than first intended so consider who might find it interesting or useful outside of your typical followers.
  • Consider follower goals – people looking to lose weight or bulk up will also search for those hashtags so it’s worth including a few.


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Nutrition Hashtags