The mindfulness and meditation industry is one of the fastest-growing industries of 2020. As people all over the world look for ways to handle the stress of COVID-19 and isolation, they are increasingly turning to mindfulness and meditation.


In this article – guest author, Paul Harrison, shares five compelling reasons to offer meditation classes at your gym or fitness studio.


Over the past few years, we have seen the rise of popular meditation apps like Calm, Headspace, and Synctuition. This has led to massive growth in the sector.


Gradually, gyms are beginning to realise the value and importance of offering meditation lessons. And those that join the movement early are seeing the benefits, not only in terms of revenue but in terms of customer satisfaction and retention.


Here are five compelling reasons to start offering meditation at your gym…


1 – It makes your gym a complete health solution

Traditionally, people have joined gyms as a way to boost their physical health, with the focus on treadmills, weights, and other equipment. Because of increasing stress and the rise of mental health problems like anxiety, it’s becoming more critical for gyms to offer a total-health solution, addressing both physical and mental aspects.


Meditation is the fastest growing mental health trend in the world, and it is easy to see why. There are more than 100 proven benefits of meditation, including alleviation of symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression – three of the most common mental health problems in the world. By offering meditation classes at your gym, you’ll create a complete health solution for your members.


2 – You’ll reach a new audience and boost membership

Naturally, one of the biggest objectives of any gym owner is to increase memberships. This can be a challenge, mainly because of the amount of competition in the sector.


Yoga IndustryOne excellent way to boost your memberships is to offer something many other gyms do not: meditation lessons.


Not only will this distinguish your gym from the competition, but it will also attract new members. Those who perhaps aren’t interested in what a typical gym offers (fitness equipment) but are more interested in learning to manage their mental health and to relax.


By diversifying your product, you increase your potential audience.


3 – It will change the atmosphere in the gym

Many people are put off by the conventional gym because they dislike the idea of gym-rats and the competitive nature that many gyms suffer from. By introducing meditation lessons, you will create a more relaxing experience that’s far more inviting for people who are intimidated and discouraged by the typical gym atmosphere.


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4 – Get in on the biggest new business early

As with any new industry, the early bird catches the worm. By getting in on the mindfulness industry on the ground floor, you will be setting yourself up for future success. The mindfulness industry is only going to get bigger, so the best time to invest in it is right now.


5 – Relax at your own gym

Arguably the most enjoyable benefit of meditation for gym owners is that it helps them to relax. Being a gym owner is a stressful business with constant pressure, and it’s imperative to take the time to ensure that you yourself are enjoying good mental health.


Meditation QuotesThe perfect opportunity to do so is by introducing meditation lessons at your own gym.


Feeling stressed during work? No worries, go to a meditation lesson at your very own gym, sit down for half an hour, do some mindful breathing, and unwind. It’s the perfect remedy to a hard day.


There are so many benefits of introducing mindfulness sessions at your gym. Not only will you strengthen your overall product and boost your potential audience, but you will also give yourself an opportunity to relax.


Experts predict that the mindfulness industry is going to steadily rise over the coming years, so the perfect time to get involved in the industry is right now. Of course, to do so, you will naturally first need to find a meditation teacher.


Guest Author – Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and the creator of meditation website You can follow Paul on his Facebook page.



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