Finding free fitness images that aren’t generic or cheesy can be tough. There’s a wealth of high-quality paid options like Deposit Photos and iStock, but if you’re just starting out then every penny counts.


In this article – we share 101 free health and fitness images (all royalty-free) plus a list of the best websites to source sports-related photos.  


Using images can also be wrapped in legal red tape, which makes the whole process even more complicated.


  • Can I use an image for print or just online?
  • Do I need to credit the photographer?
  • Is commercial use allowed?
  • What’s the deal with copyright and licensing?


Over the years (with a lot of trial and error), we’ve managed to build up quite a catalogue of royalty-free fitness images. So, we’re sharing them here to save you time, hassle, and money.


But you can also find your own online if you know where to look. Although they aren’t well-publicised, there are several image websites that offer high-quality fitness photos to download.


Below you’ll find a list of our favourite websites for sourcing health and fitness-related stock photos and graphics. But if you just want to grab our image bundle, then enter your email here to download them…


Finding Free Fitness Images Online

When we launched our first fitness website, we wasted a LOT of time on this stuff. It was just so difficult to find professional images that weren’t the same old ‘apple and tape measure’ clichés.


But after a lot of research and plenty of errors, we found a few reliable websites for images and photography. Whether you’re looking for photos with fitness models, gym equipment, or healthy food, these sites will have what you need…


#1 – Pexels.Com

This is our favourite source of free fitness images because everything on here has Creative Commons Zero (CC0) usage rights.


This means the photographer has waived all copyright, so you can basically use them as you please. So, whether you want to use the images for social media, advertising, or wall art, there’s no licensing, limits, or attribution involved.


Their website has a really simple search function, so you just enter a keyword such as fitness, nutrition, or yoga to find related images.


Wellness Retreat Itinerary Templates


#2 – Plixs.Com

This site is similar to Pexels as all their images have Creative Commons Zero (CC0) usage rights.


However, they offer a different range of images and also divide them into categories which makes browsing easier. The sports and food sections contain lots of high-quality photos.


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#3 – StockSnap.Io

This site also offers photos with the Creative Commons Zero license. They have 200+ images in their fitness category and over 500 tagged under health, so you should find something to meet your needs here.


#4 – Placeit.Netplaceit-4-copy

This site allows you to create image mock-ups of ebooks, online programs, or fitness apps.


There are thousands of devices and backgrounds to choose from but not all are free so you’ll need to search for those specifically. Then all you need to do is upload your own screen image and download.


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#5 – Canva.Com

Canva is our go-to for creating professional social media and blog graphics. As well as a huge range of templates and text overlays, it has an impressive collection of stock photos to choose from.


The majority cost $1 to use, but there are also several hundred free images too. To find them, click ‘create a design’, and then select ‘elements’ on the left hand side. You’ll see a ‘free photos’ option in the top left corner, which you can scroll through for suitable images.


#6 – Piktochart.Com

This site is what we use to make infographics like this one on fitness trends. It contains a bank of health and fitness-related line icons, which are perfect for these types of design.


With a free account, you can create unlimited infographics, but they do include a Piktochart watermark at the bottom. So if you want to remove it then you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.


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#7 – CreativeMarket.Com

If you sign up to the Creative Market email list, then you’ll receive 6 free bundles every week. These bundles contain stock photos, icons, patterns, fonts, and templates, all created by professional designers.


Although they aren’t exclusively fitness-themed, we usually receive something that’s relevant 2-3 times per month.


#8 – WellnessStockShop.Com

If you’re looking for truly beautiful, Insta-worthy photos, then Wellness Stock Shop is the place to go. Their photography has a distinctive style and is head and shoulders above other image sites. It’s perfect for developing a wellness brand that’s inspiring yet professional.


You usually need to be a member to access them but they’re currently offering this healthy bundle for free. If you sign up to their email list then you’ll also receive bonus images every month.


But if you don’t have the time or patience to create your own images, then you might find our social media kits useful. They contain pre-sized image posts to save you time and allow you to focus on the important things in your business. You can learn more here.


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