If you run a health and fitness blog, then you’ll know the importance of promoting your articles. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours creating a blog post, only to publish it to crickets. So, it’s important to be proactive about your promo efforts so that as many people see it as possible.   


In this article – we share some super-simple yet effective tips for promoting your fitness blog posts. 


Without a promotional plan, you’re missing out on crucial web visitors to your site and money in your pocket. Professional bloggers recommend spending an equal amount of time on both promotion and content creation. But if you’ve not got that balance quite right then where do you start? Here’s a checklist along with some practical tips that’ll help you on the way…


  • Optimise it for search engines
  • Produce 3+ social media posts per article
  • Leverage relevant groups
  • Link back to it from other content
  • Email it to your list
  • Ninja bonus tip


Optimise It For Search Engines

So, you’ve created an awesome blog post and just published it online. What’s your next step?


Firstly, you need to optimise the title and body copy for low competition keywords. This will give you the best chance of ranking highly in Google or other search engines. The key is to strike a balance between appealing to potential readers and ticking the algorithm boxes. 


We recently audited a fitness blog with an article titled ‘Marketing Bullsh*t & How To Spot It’. The post was all about food labels and the misleading health claims that they sometimes feature. However, this wasn’t immediately obvious and it, therefore, wouldn’t have attracted readers (or Google searches) interested in the topic.


A better title would have been one that incorporated relevant keywords. ‘How To Read a Food Label (And Spot Marketing Bullsh*t)’ would be ideal as the keyword phrase ‘how to read a food label’ gets 1000 monthly searches. Looking at the Google search results, several of the top 10 results are weak in terms of page authority and backlinks which makes it easier to rank highly.


Produce 3+ Social Media Posts Per Article

We recommend promoting your blog post at least three times via social media. You can lift quotes or tips from the article to use as text posts. You can also turn them into images which tend to get more engagement.


Post your article to social media on the publish day. Then post a different one the following day and another a week later. You can even continue to do this over the following weeks and months to maximise the reach of your article (tools like MeetEdgar make it really easy to automate).


This approach works well for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn which have a disappearing feed. If people miss your post the first or second time you may get them on the third. You can also use it for Instagram but it’s important to switch up your images so it doesn’t look repetitive on your feed.  


Leverage Relevant Groups

There are plenty of groups that you can join to promote your fitness blog posts. The important thing is to avoid being spammy so only post your article if it’s truly relevant and helpful to the group.


We like the Health Bloggers Community Facebook group as they have a dedicated promo thread for this purpose on Mondays. You can also join group boards on Pinterest which allow you to share your posts with a larger audience. 


Link Back To It From Other Content

You might be surprised how many people forget this step yet it’s a quick and easy win. Once you’ve published a blog article, go back through your blog archives and add links that point to it. For example, once this post is live we’ll go through our other articles about fitness blogging and include links from them to this one. 


Some people also create links from other websites. They might post one in the comments section of a popular blog so that people from there discover it. As with groups, it’s important not to be spammy and only include them where truly useful and relevant. 


Email It To Your List

The people on your list are already interested in your content – they wouldn’t have subscribed otherwise! So make sure you send them an email and let them know about your new post. You can do this automatically with RSS or create a fortnightly round-up email with all your latest posts in it.


    Bonus Tip – Reach Out To Anyone Mentioned

    Get in touch with anyone you’ve mentioned in your article and let them know that they’re featured. They may share it with their audience which will further expand the reach.


    If you write blog posts about fitness or nutrition, then you’ll probably have included reference links to scientific sources. Inform the authors as they’ll likely be pleased that someone found it useful. This also provides another opportunity for someone to share the article and extend its reach


    By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your blog article is seen by as many people as possible. Making them part of your publishing process will help you grow your audience and build the success of your site. For more tips, check out our comprehensive blog promotion checklist.


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