Marketing for personal trainers can be a minefield. With technologies and trends changing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with the latest and most effective strategies. Let’s be honest, most PTs don’t have the time to learn about web design or social media.

In this article – our guest author shares some practical personal trainer marketing ideas that can boost enquiries, leads, and conversions into paying clients…

How often do you look at those toned bodies on Insta and think Wow!? Social media has become the biggest platform for showcasing fitness achievements and telling fitness stories. These platforms have also presented a big opportunity for personal trainers and fitness instructors to connect with new customers and build their brand.

However, personal trainer marketing goes beyond posting a few pictures now and then on Facebook. Many fitness instructors and studios are doing the same things, so you have to go further to stand out.

You need to get a bit creative to make your marketing efforts more fruitful. So, what personal training marketing ideas can you try to build your brand and grow your business?


#1 – Use Testimonials

Testimonials do a lot to validate your brand and build higher trust. They tell the stories of past customers who attained their fitness goals and demonstrate your credibility as a personal trainer. Testimonials work incredibly well and can also help to generate word of mouth.

#2 – Give Teaser Classes

After reading your testimonials and viewing your website, a potential customer will want to see how training works in real life. Take a video of a training session, edit it down to 1-2 minutes, and share it on social media. This works very well, especially for fitness activities that people may be unfamiliar with, like barre, Pilates, or HIIT.

#3 – Set Up an Affiliate Program

Affiliates are people who get a commission for every customer they refer or lead they generate for your personal training business. It’s easy to set up an affiliate program with a digital platform like LeadDyno.


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#4 – Virtual Tour

If you run a personal training studio, then you’ll know that posting pictures of gym equipment doesn’t cut it anymore. Potential customers want to see exactly what they’re getting – from the space and decor to cleanliness and changing areas. These elements can be shown with a quick video tour of your gym.

#5 – Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a big part of fitness advertising these days. Getting a mega influencer like a Kardashian to endorse your brand can give it a big boost, but digital marketers have seen that fitness micro-influencers with 1,000 to 5,000 social connections builds more trust for your brand.

#6 – Show Off the Team

It is no secret that many people joining a PT studio will have a good look at the trainers before making a decision. They’ll read their professional bios, look at photos, and check out their Instagram. Showing off your staff members will tell your potential customers a lot about their expertise at work.

Marketing for Personal Trainers

So, there you have a selection of simple yet effective marketing ideas for personal trainers. Making the most of online channels is fundamental if you want your PT business to grow. Plus, you can implement these ideas even with a modest budget, yet still get incredibly good returns.


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