Interested in boosting online personal training sales for your business? Perhaps you’re keen to generate a more consistent stream of income. Or you’re struggling with revenue and want some quick ideas. 


More and more PTs are moving their businesses online. Video streaming, website platforms, and social media have all become easier to use, making digital services more popular with trainers. So, how can you maximise your online income as a trainer or fitness coach?


In this article – PT expert, Tyler Read, explains how to boost sales in your online personal training business…


Boosting Online Personal Training Sales

Running an online personal training business has lots of advantages. First, location restriction that is associated with personal physical training does not apply to online personal training business.


You get to meet more potential clients than you ever imagined. However, many online personal trainers feel that selling their services to people is a complex task. Understandably too, as online personal training is a relatively recent innovation.


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Therefore, it’ll take some convincing to win a potential client over. Many people are stuck with the idea that personal training can only be effective physically. It’s normal for you as a new online personal trainer to harbor some doubts.


The question of whether you can succeed in this business will hang over your head. But don’t worry, it’s possible. There are proven ways you can sell your online personal training business to many clients. Let’s look at some of the most effective options…


1. Set up an in-vogue training routine

Before people opt for personal training services, they always have the need to do so. Lately, it’s common to see people opting for personal training because they want to shed some weight. It’s more common among obese people.


People are becoming more conscious of their general well-being. As an online personal trainer, you should do your homework such that whatever niche you’re trying to delve into is in demand and there’s a higher chance of gaining more clients.


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After your research, curate a top-notch training routine that contains all that is needed. It’s a way to sell your business. If you become more consistent, you can be regarded as a thought leader in your niche.


2. Work on your online presence

Your popularity online determines how well you can sell your business. Here are two scenarios: there’s a regular tweep (twitter user) who is quite active on Twitter and has amassed lots of followers through engaging in productive conversations. After some time, the tweep launches her online brand and she gets lots of patronage in her first month due to the relationship she has built before.


Social Media for Personal Trainers TileScenario two: a dude opens an Instagram account but he’s hardly online to create content and engage other users. He does not even have up to 200 followers. One day, he decides to launch an online fitness business and he creates IG posts advertising his services. Sadly, only a handful engages his post. No one buys from him.


Whatever you do, be like the first lady. It’s easier to sell products and services when you have a cordial relationship with people and your online standing is great. Even if your friends can’t buy from you, they’ll refer people to you.


3. Host online challenges

People love fitness challenges, especially with the promise of freebies that often accompany them. Therefore, they strive to outdo each other and emerge as the ultimate winner.


You can create a challenge by asking followers to post videos of them engaging in specific workout sessions. You can ask them to include your username/handle and create a specific hashtag for the challenge.


When people want to view challenge entries, they can easily do so with the hashtag. This way, more people become aware of what you do and you’re creating good publicity for your business. As interest snowballs, so does your online personal training sales revenue.


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4. Offer discounts

When the average human hears ‘discounts,’ his or her interest arises immediately. People always want to get quality services at a bargain. Since you’re looking to sell your online personal training services and make more money, you should consider offering discounts to people.


When you offer discounts, more people are poised to sign up for your services. Apart from discounts, you can offer free mini-classes. After the class, people who are interested in continuing personal training with you can subscribe to your service and make payment. It’s a great way to attract more people.


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5. Do Promoted Ads

A fast way of reaching more audience is through the use of promoted ads. Different social media platforms offer ads for users who want their products and services to be known in more places.


Personal Trainer MarketingThere are certain criteria you need to consider before setting up your ad. Some of them include age, gender, training type, etc. When you are sure of what you really want, you can set up your ads targeting different people.


It’ll certainly reach more people than your normal posts. There are different budgets depending on the number of reaches you’re targeting. If you’re on a budget, there’s a plan for you too.


6. Get creative with your posts

The average attention lifespan of individuals is about 8 seconds. It means that you have only 8 seconds to convince your reader that your content is read-worthy. The best way to hook your reader’s attention is through creative personal training posts.


People are tired of seeing regular stuff. You need to up your game. Those long texts don’t cut it anymore.


Have you considered videos? Surely, you’ll post videos of training session models. It’ll be beneficial if these videos feature you and you include your mistakes.


Everyone is imperfect. It’ll only assure your audience that they don’t have to place undue pressure by being so perfect.


7. Try guest blogging

SEO for Personal TrainersChances are you know a blog that boasts of massive readership. You can opt to write for the blog for free. The catch is that your details will be added as the author of the post.


You can also include a link that’ll redirect readers to your website or blog. Does that tell you that you need a website and blog for your online personal training business? It definitely should.


8. Network

It’s obvious that you’re not the only online personal trainer that exists. Therefore, you can create a partnership with others, whether in the same niche or different ones. Through this, you can share insights, know what works and what doesn’t. Also, it’s a great way to share recommendations.


There are people who might need your services but do not even know about you. The colleagues you’ve formed a partnership with can recommend you. It can happen the other way around too.


About Our Guest Author – Tyler Read

Tyler Read is the owner of which is a website dedicated to helping people get started in the personal training industry. He helps people discover, study and pass their fitness exams. 


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