Handling social media for fitness professionals is one of our most popular services. But plenty of people don’t have the budget to outsource or just want to take care of it themselves. So, we’ve collated some practical tips to help you achieve social media success.


We’re often asked questions about maximising the results of social media for fitness professionals. Which platform is best? How often should you post? What should you put in my Instagram bio?


So, we thought we’d share our answers here. We’re sure that if one person’s asked a question then others will also be wondering the same thing. This FAQ will also be updated regularly so if you have a question then let us know and we’ll include it next time!
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Where can I get fitness images from?

Free Fitness Images AdThere are several ways to get fitness images for your social media or website. One option is to search for free images on sites like Unsplash, Pexels, or PLiXS.


You can also download our free photo bundle. All the images are 100% rights free so you don’t need to worry about legal red tape or licensing considerations.


You could also look at Canva as this makes the whole design process super-simple. It has a built-in image bank that includes free and paid photo options for $1 each. There’s no need for messing about with complicated or expensive graphic design software, just use their drag-and-drop tool.


To find fitness images, click on ‘elements’ on the left-hand side and then ‘free photos’ in the top left corner. It doesn’t have the image choice of the other websites but is an easy one-stop solution.


Inspiring Fitness Quote Images


If you have the budget, then Deposit Photos or Adobe Stock are excellent paid options. Both sites offer much larger ranges and are well worth the cost for images that you’ll use over and over again (such as brand images).


Because of the wide range, you’ll find more specific imagery such as exercise demonstrations and training accessories. These sites provide the best range of social media images for fitness professionals and aren’t outrageously expensive (unlike other well-known stock sites).


How should I choose which image to use?

It can be overwhelming to choose from a wide range of images. In some cases there will be thousands of image results so looking at all of them can be time-consuming. The key to successful social media for fitness professionals is using consistent styles so that you establish a coherent brand. We tend to consider the following points when choosing images for client blog articles or social posts…


  • Whether the images reflect an aspect of the blog article (even if it’s quite abstract)
  • Whether the colour palette and tones match their brand – you can filter image results by main colour or use a consistent filter to create the same look with different photos
  • If there is a text overlay then we’ll think about whether it’ll stand out and be easily readable against the image – this sometimes means playing around with the size, rotating, or flipping it to achieve the right look


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How should I decide what quote to put on pictures?

For inspirational and motivational fitness posts for social media, we usually take the following approach;


  • Look through the client’s blog posts for phrases that are really powerful or sum up the entire theme in one sentence.
  • Write down any cool quotes we hear when listening to podcasts, interviews, or reading online articles. That way we always have a list of quotes ready to use.
  • Bookmark workout and gym quotes you really like on social media to use as ideas later.
  • If you need a quote about a really specific topic, then look through quote sites like Brainy Quote.


What fonts do you usually use?

We like to use fonts that are easy to read but a little different from the norm. Some of our favourites are…


  • Gotham
  • Raleway
  • Architects Daughter
  • Yellowtail
  • Impact


None of these are included as standard on computers so will need to be downloaded for free from Google Fonts. These can set your social media posts apart from the competition and improve their overall appearance.


What are your best tips for creating fast images?

  • Use Canva – it makes overlaying text and adding filters quick and easy
  • Download a bank of images you like – that way you can go straight to your own image library instead of searching for an image individually every time you want to make one
  • Batch prepare – make all your images for the month on a Sunday afternoon
  • Reuse – add a different filter, use different coloured text or a different font, or crop a different area to get the most out of every image


Where can I find funny videos to post that will get lots of engagement?

Follow pages on Facebook that promote these kinds of videos and then share or schedule them on your own page. Search for ‘#funnyfitnessvideos’ or similar phrases and hashtags to find pages and groups with that kind of content.


Should I Make My Blog Or Facebook Groups ‘Members Only’?

That depends on your business goals… If gym member retention is the main objective of your blog or Facebook group, then it’s worth considering.


Password-protecting the content will ensure it’s seen as an exclusive membership perk. But it does also add another barrier that some people won’t bother with. However, if you plan to use your blog for attracting new members or clients, then it’ll need to be accessible to everyone.


Would you look at my social media page and give me feedback?

Yes, we do comprehensive social media audits for clients. We can look at your posts, live videos, and analytics, then make some practical suggestions about what to improve on. Use our contact form to request more information.


I am thinking of using Meet Edgar as my social media tool – what are your thoughts?

When it comes to social media for fitness professionals, it’s a great idea to batch prepare ahead of time. Then you can automate it with a scheduling tool instead of spending time on it every day.


We don’t use MeetEdgar ourselves but heard good things about it. The best thing is that it’ll automatically recycle previous content at regular intervals. This ensures as many people see it as possible, whilst squeezing as much usage out of your blog posts as possible.


This is probably why it’s a bit more expensive than Hootsuite and Buffer since they don’t have this feature. Facebook’s own scheduling tool and Later for Instagram are also decent free alternatives.


Can posting less improve engagement?

“I have heard about taking a hiatus from social media… like not doing any emails, blog posts, or Facebook if you aren’t getting much engagement… what are your thoughts? Like taking a week off, so when you come back, people think “oh… I haven’t heard from them in a while!” or would that go against everything about keeping in front of people as much as possible?”


This approach would probably work better for email than social media. If you’re sending your audience weekly emails but not getting much engagement, then switching to fortnightly or monthly might improve results.


But we wouldn’t recommend it for social and blogging as consistency is crucial to success in both these areas. Organic reach on Facebook tends to be between 2-6% so the majority of your audience won’t see your first post anyway. Therefore they’re unlikely to notice or miss you if you post even less (bit depressing!).


This is just an opinion though – you can always test stuff, track the results in real time, and then adapt if it doesn’t turn out as hoped 🙂

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